Woman fuming after wrecking spree sees more than 30 cars damaged

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A furious woman has spoken out after a wrecking spree saw more than 30 cars damaged.

Jeanette Locking, a victim of yesterday’s vandalism (January 25), says she was asleep at around 3.30am when the incident occurred but was woken by her husband, who told her that something had happened to her car.

She told Hull Live: “I feel really mad. It’s costing me a day’s work tomorrow because I have to take my car to get fixed.

“I’ve spoken to my insurance company. It’s costing me £75. Another guy on the street said it’s going to cost him £100.

“Luckily, I was not at work today or I would have lost money. Something needs to be done.”

Jeanette lives on Carrington Street, one of the Hull roads affected; Albemarle Street and Airlie Street were also impacted.

She told how residents were forced to clean up the trail of destruction left.

Police believe two men on push bikes may be responsible.

She added: “We had to sweep the glass up at 5am. They smashed all the cars except one.”

The whole of the rear windscreen of Jeanette’s car has been shattered but nothing was stolen.

She said a similar incident happened on the street when all the wing mirrors of the vehicles were smashed.

Carrington Street is now lined up with cars that have taped their back windows due to them being smashed and some glass is still scattered on the ground.

Residents are frustrated and shocked about what happened overnight while they were asleep.

Another resident said that she was not aware of what happened.

Her neighbour told her and he taped her car up.

Inspector Dave Lonsdale, of Hull Central Neighbourhood Policing team, said: “From 3.50am we have been receiving reports that in excess of 30 vehicles have had their windows smashed on a number of streets around the Boulevard, including Albemarle Street, Airlie Street and Carrington Street.

“There will be officers in the area as we conduct enquiries and provide additional reassurance patrols throughout the day and night.

“Initial enquiries have revealed that we believe that these unacceptable acts were carried out by two people on pushbikes.

“It is not believed that anything has been stolen from the vehicles.

“This was mindless criminal damage that can have serious implications for the owners of the vehicles affected.

“We will be relentless in our efforts to track down those responsible.”

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