Wowcat's New C10 Electric Folding Bike Is A Practical Head-Turner

In the highly competitive e-bike market, style and aesthetics are arguably as important as specs and features. Indeed, many times, a stylish design will sell as opposed to a bland-looking e-bike loaded with fancy tech. As we’ve highlighted several times before, an e-bike can be striking and radically styled while at the same time being practical, no-frills, and decently priced. Such is the case with the Wowcat C1, a new electric folding bike.

The C1 is Wowcat’s only product on the market for e-bikes at the moment, but given how straightforward and adaptable it is, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Due to the meticulous attention to detail, the four hues of this foldable e-bike—blue, red, black, and white—all look absolutely wonderful. The Wowcat’s user-friendly folding design makes it lightweight and portable, making it ideal for leisure rides and city commuting.

The e-bike has a characteristic L-shaped, sleek body and a carbon fiber frame. It weighs 17.4 kilograms on average, which isn’t exactly light. It is, however, quite impressive when you consider its stated payload capacity of 100 kilograms. The Wowcat has a Shimano Tourney seven-speed drivetrain that enables you to pedal in harmony with the electric motor and is appropriate for any metropolitan environment. It also has 20 x 2.3-inch tires, which are more than adequate to smooth out less-than-ideal road conditions.

Performance-wise, the C1 has a 250W rear hub motor, which is constrained to a top speed of 15.5 mph in accordance with e-bike laws. If you ride in ideal conditions, the 36V/10Ah battery that powers the motor is said to deliver up to 74 miles of range per charge. According to Wowcat, the charging process can take up to six hours. The C1 folding e-bike has a price of $1,900 on the official website, but it will also soon be available for pre-order on Indiegogo, where you can purchase it for a price that is almost 25 percent less.

Sources: Autoevolution, Wowcat

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