ZF Strengthens Electrified Driveline Branch To Focus On BEVs/PHEVs

The company will no longer develop components for internal combustion engines.

ZF has announced that its Supervisory Board approved the foundation of a new division for electrified drivelines for passenger cars.

A new division will be created, “out of the previous Car Powertrain Technology and E-Mobility Divisions in order to offer customers electrified driveline solutions under one roof.”

“With this step, ZF will combine its competencies in order to better address the increasing electrification in passenger cars, improve customer proximity and further accelerate the transformation to plug-in hybrids and electric drives.”

ZF AxTrax AVE electric portal axle for low-floor buses

ZF CeTrax electric central drive for commercial vehicles

The company intends to focus on drive units for all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and in the future it will no longer develop components for internal combustion engine drivetrains.

Since ZF is one of the biggest players in the automotive industry, its turn towards plug-ins means that the entire industry is currently focusing on plug-ins.

We can guess that the order books for new ICE drive units is drying up and that there is no push for any innovations in the ICE field any more.

All the conventional cars that remain on the market will be basically getting the current ICE tech until it will completely fade and be replaced by plug-ins.

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