Charged EVs | Thermal potting for EV components (Whitepaper)

Sponsored by Henkel.

With the dramatic growth anticipated in the electric vehicle industry, manufacturers and component suppliers alike are vying for position in performance, range, cost efficiency, durability and reliability. Thermal potting materials, while often unseen, play an important role in heat management – a significant factor in achieving these objectives.

As such, designers and engineers can benefit by carefully considering potting applications as they design new electric vehicle components. But not all thermal interface materials are alike. In general, thermal potting materials have unique requirements; from design, through material handling, to assembly, and even at end-of-life, it’s important for engineers to partner with the right chemical supplier to meet their goals.

As a leading designer of innovative adhesive solutions for EV battery components and automotive electrical and electronic devices, Henkel is well-positioned to help customers find success by navigating the complexities of thermal potting – from planning, through testing, into production and beyond.

Download this whitepaper to discover more about thermal potting compounds and how Henkel is actively developing formulations that offer superior heat transfer, excellent component protection, and long-term stability.

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