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Gadgets are a fun go-to for Father’s Day gifts for a reason — they’re super fun and practical. For fitness geek types (dads or not!), a cool fit-tech toy can be an exciting new way to level-up your at-home fitness routine and bring a little excitement to your workouts.

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If you’ve been mulling over making a bigger fit-tech gadget purchase, cheap estrace coupons without prescription like a fancy stationary bike or a MIRROR, Father’s Day weekend might be the move.

MIRROR, for the uninitiated, is a super low-key home gym system that offers live and on-demand fitness classes from a wall-mounted mirror. So you can either follow along with classes or get live feedback on your form via its camera. The classes include more than 50 different fitness genres — from boxing and cardio to strength-training and kettlebell.


Easily one of the smartest, high-tech additions to your home, it can hook up to your other smart devices via bluetooth to help you keep track of all your data. And if you’re the competitive type, like Peloton, there’s ways join more competitive classes to stack your own personal records against others and mind of your own target heart rate goals over time.

While the MIRROR is one of those expensive items that can feel a little intimidating to the budget, the sheer number of activities available (without clogging up your living room/bedroom) might make it worth it.

And in honor of Father’s Day you can even use MIRROR’s code (FATHERSDAY21) to get $150 off your purchase and free delivery/installation (which means you’ll save like $400 in total on the whole deal).

If you were considering a MIRROR for your home, now’s the time to strike!

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