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In recent months, celebrity sightings across Australia have become a common event. Where it used to be as rare as a Blood Moon appearing in the skies, celebrities have begun to flock to Australian shores which could now pass as the new destination for Hollywood stars. From Zac Efron to Matt Damon, with a number of films choosing Australia as their destination for filming, pcp capital partners contact details it seems these sightings are only going to become more frequent. And while they tend to be reserved for areas like fancy restaurants or ocean walks, Rita Ora is proving that even the celebs frequent the local gym. 

The singer has been training with Rebel Wilson’s PT, Jono Castano and is certainly showing Sydney-siders that when it comes to breaking a sweat, Rita Ora doesn’t mess around. Castano recently shared a clip of the star working out in a gym in Sydney where she was put through a number of challenging moves, ranging from core exercises to what appeared to be a hamster wheel of death for the abs. 

Castano broke down the session, which involved front pushes with rotation, hanging overs, leg raises, hanging weighted hold, and the hamster wheel. Throughout the session, Ora was working her entire core, upper body, and posterior chain, including muscles like the gluten, hamstrings, and back. It didn’t look easy at all, despite the fact that Ora seemed to glide through it (although we did spot the occasional grimace or two). 

With Castano holding her accountable, Ora has really doubled-down on her fitness since arriving in Australia. In a recent Instagram post, she explained to her followers, “Basically I just keep going even when I feel like I can’t…and I get through it each time! Give your whole heart and believe and trust the universe. The feeling at the end is worth it. I tell myself that everyday whilst thinking about pizza.”

Most will be familiar of Castano for his work with Rebel, who embarked on her year of health and enlisted the trainer to help her along the way. Now, Castano’s own method will be arriving by way of a signature training programme – the very one he uses for Rita and Rebel, and will be available through Live Now Global, promising to get you fitter, stronger and faster. Find out more at the link here. 

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