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UK heatwave temperatures compared to 1976 by Ros Atkins

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Staying hydrated isn’t only about chugging down water as what you eat also plays an “important” role. The experts at Forbes Advisor, united with qualified nutritionist Abi Roberts, have revealed the foods and drinks to avoid during the scorching weather.

According to Forbes Advisor, the biggest offender that you should “never” eat is an otherwise healthy, green vegetable – asparagus.

The experts said: “Surprisingly, asparagus is one of the least hydrating foods.

“This is because it is a natural diuretic which rids the body of excess fluid — meaning you need to wee more and you lose the fluid that you consume.

“Diuretics also help your body to get rid of salt, so are useful for the body, but should be consumed in moderation.”

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However, this crunchy veg isn’t the only food that could strip you of necessary liquids during the current heatwave.

Forbes Advisor also warned about the likes of: salty snacks, bread, where to buy cheap crestor australia cured meats and sugar.

Salty snacks

Dubbed by the experts as the “best-known dehydrating” food, salty snacks such as pork scratchings should also be avoided.

Forbes Advisor said: “Too much salt wreaks havoc on the kidneys, so limiting salt intake is important for overall health.”


The go-to breakfast for many, bread could be boosting the overall salt intake in your diet.

The experts shared: “Bread, although not terribly high in salt per slice, is one of the most common reasons behind people having too much salt in their diet.

“Bread is often used at all mealtimes and even for snacks, so can add up to a high salt intake.

“Limiting the amount of bread you eat will help reduce the sneaky salt that you didn’t even know you were consuming.”

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Cured meats

Packed with high amounts of salt, cured meats could also leave you dehydrated as your kidneys try to overcompensate when you eat too much of the common seasoning.

The organs will pull water from other parts of your body, leaving you lacking the essential liquid.

Forbes Advisor advises drinking plenty of water if you plan to enjoy antipasti this summer.


The experts added: “When you consume sugar, the kidneys react similarly to when they encounter salt and pull water from other parts of the body, as the kidneys don’t want excess sugar in your bloodstream.”

Apart from foods, there are also problematic drinks that could lead to dehydration.

While the likes of caffeine, alcohol and energy drinks might seem like an obvious no, others like hot chocolate and smoothies might come as a surprise.

The reason why both hot chocolate and smoothies can be dehydrating comes down to its high sugar content.

Forbes Advisor said: “When you combine lots of fruit and veg and blend it, the sugars are released which makes it far less hydrating.”

That’s why the experts recommended sticking to non-blended fruits. If you’re craving hot chocolate, you should drink low sugar and water-based options.

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