Drive-by-wire throttle for Gen3 Supercars

Supercars will mandate a drive-by-wire throttle system as part of its Gen3 technical package, according to control component tender documents.

As the category continues to hone in on its 2022 regulations, invitations to tender have now gone public for a control pedal box, control wheel and control brakes package.

As part of the technical requirements for the pedal box, the tender document reveals that Gen3 will utilise an electronic throttle system rather than a traditional cable system.

Supercars considered, and tested, drive-by-wire options last year as it looked to tweak the current engine package, but ultimately decided against making it mandatory for the 2020 season.

It is optional for this season but currently isn’t used by any of the teams.

The pedal box tender document also requests a consideration for the thermal protection of a driver’s feet, with burns an issue in hot weather, particularly on street circuits.

The control wheels tender outlines an identical rim and tyre size as is currently in use.

As for the brakes, cast iron and ceramic discs are on the table, with steel currently the preferred material, with a life target of 1500 kilometres and a ‘greater and more robust thermal efficiency than [the] current [disc]’.

All three tenders will run from 2021 to 2025.

The tenders are now open, with the control wheel to be decided by September 23 and the pedal box and brake package by October 7 – although those dates are all subject to change.

In all three cases, the successful applicant will need to supply enough components for two cars to Supercars by January 4 2021, and enough for an entire field of cars from June 2021 onwards.

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