Porsche 992 Turbo S aims for Pikes Peak glory

The Pikes Peak production car record is held by Bentley; here's the 911 hoping to claim the title back

By Matt Bird / Friday, 17 June 2022 / Loading comments

In the long and storied motorsport history of the Porsche 911, glory at Pikes Peak probably won’t come to mind all that quickly. But not only did the old 991-era Turbo hold the production car record for five years from 2014, a GT2 RS Clubsport won the Time Attack 1 class in 2020 – and beat that wild Bentley GT last year, too.  

However, the production car record is still held by a showroom-spec Continental GT, the incredible green machine from 2019. This is the 992 Turbo that will be entered into the 100th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb next weekend to try and reclaim that title for the 911.

It’ll be driven by David Donner – a three-time outright winner of the event, and the last American to be declared ‘King of the Mountain’ – having been encouraged into the attempt by Porsche magazine 000 editor Pete Stout – which would explain the ‘Print Isn’t Dead’ livery… 

As per the production car rules, this is a 992 Turbo S (almost) like any other, bought from Champion Porsche in Florida by Donner’s mate Jim Edwards with the Lightweight Package introduced for the 992-era Turbo. It’s then been kitted out with the required equipment for competition – a racing seat and cage are the big things – before competing in Colorado next weekend.  

David Donner is nothing if not eager to get going for the 100th run up the 14,115 feet of Pikes Peak. “I’ve always gone to Pikes Peak to win or set a record – the stakes are too high unless you’re there to prove something and can do so professionally,” he said. Sounds focused. “My family’s history with Porsche at Pikes Peak stems from my father, Bob Donner, who won three times in Porsche Spyders in 1960, 1961, and 1962. My last three wins here have been with a Porsche, so it would be meaningful to make it four.” 

“The connection with 000 began in 2020, and none of the contacts or logistics to put a winning team together would have existed without its involvement. We still have a lot to accomplish in testing, but we’re looking forward to joining a huge grid of technologically advanced race cars and world-class drivers for the 100th.” So if you fancy seeing a proper hillclimb next weekend (not one that’s a mile long) then the 2022 Pikes Peak should be another must-watch. 

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