The inside story of F1 2010’s lost teams, #3: Lola

In addition to the new teams attempting to try their luck in Formula 1’s 2010 entry process, there were a few familiar names also looking to return to the field. Lola, a team with several spells on the grid, tried and failed in its comeback bid

In its 70 years spearheading the world of international motorsport, Formula 1’s history is littered with seminal events, controversy and stories as-yet-untold. In those seven decades of history, its biggest names carry the most weight.

When the Lotus name returned to the grid in 2010, it bore the fortunes of the great Team Lotus marque on its shoulders, and optimistically carried a flat cap to throw in the air – in a manner akin to its founder Colin Chapman – in the event of victory. Sadly, that never came to pass.

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