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Tesla Model Y Performance Tested: Fastest 1/4-Mile Time Attempts

How do you go about getting the quickest quarter-mile time with your Tesla Model Y?

YouTube influencer Brian Jenkins (1iTesla) is staying on top of his Tesla coverage with new content on a regular basis. As you’re probably already aware, Jenkins is good friends with our own Kyle Conner and was one of the first people to take delivery of a Tesla Model Y. Since then, he’s been keeping us up to date on the car with many informative videos.

In Jenkins’ most recent video, he’s back to track-testing the Model Y at our Out Of Spec Motoring and InsideEVs US track in North Carolina. This time, his goal is to get the fastest quarter-mile time. He wants to not only beat his own 1/4-mile times, but also prove he has the fastest Model Y in the world (with an asterisk, he says). This is because there really aren’t a lot of official times out there yet, though DragTimes is typically the record to beat. Plus, Jenkins must make a few mods for various reasons.

Jenkins already did some zero-to-60-mph and quarter-mile runs on the same track. However, his battery was at an 80-percent state of charge when he attempted those runs. His previous times came in just shy of DragTimes’ best.

This time, Jenkins has charged the car to full in hopes of beating the “world record.” His car is a bit heavy thanks to the vinyl paint protection film and a tow hitch, which we’re surprised to learn the car now has (perhaps some secret real-world Model Y towing tests are in the future … shhh, don’t tell). 

Jenkins counters the extra weight by removing some other things. As you’ll learn when you watch the video, it worked. However, he can’t officially say he beat DragTimes since he removed weight from the car.

As always, check out the fun and then leave us a comment.

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See Tesla Model Y And Ford Mustang Mach-E Side By Side For First Time

At least these are the first pictures we’ve seen of these two EVs next to each other.

The biggest showdown between EVs in 2020 is undoubtedly that the Tesla Model Y and the Mustang Mach-E will perform when the Ford is finally for sale. No one has seen them side by side in the wild so far apart from Simon Wong. He owns a Model Y and was kind enough to share that sight with everyone through some tweets, including the Everything Tesla Model Y YouTube channel, which decided to make the video above based on Wong’s pictures.

According to the photographer, the cars were pictured charging in Waterloo, Ontario. The video tells us that this location is more precisely the outside of Ford’s Research and Development Center, where Level 3 charging is currently free for all-electric vehicles. Ford is probably testing its chargers that way.

The video and pictures offer a more precise idea of how the Model Y and the Mach-E compare in terms of size. The video also provides charts to compare them in more detail. They also present the ranges of both EVs. Just make sure you pause the video since the tables change very rapidly.

What the charts confirm is that the Mach-E is slightly smaller than the Model Y except in wheelbase. Ford’s is 3.2 in longer than Tesla’s, which could imply it will offer more legroom for the people on the back seat. Curiously, it doesn’t. Despite being narrower, the Mach-E offers more hip and shoulder room both in the front and back seats.

Tesla’s focus on efficiency also stands out with those charts. Despite being a heavier vehicle with a smaller battery pack – about 75 kWh – the Model Y has a longer range than the Mach-E and its bigger pack, which holds 98.8 kWh: 316 mi against 270 mi when AWD versions are compared. Will buyers be forgiving about that when pricing is on the table? Remember that Ford still makes the cut to have the federal tax incentive of $7,500.

Which other aspects of these cars would you want to compare if you could see them side by side like Wong? By the end of 2020, that will probably be a common situation. Until then, thank Wong and Everything Tesla Model Y for helping us see that.

Sources: Simon Wong and Everything Tesla Model Y

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The Tesla Model Y Is a Solid Crossover For Families: Find Out Why

No car is perfect, and this Tesla owner admits that. However, the Tesla Model Y may be perfect for some families.

Ben Sullins is a hardcore Tesla fan. In fact, he was one of the original Tesla YouTubers that joined the revolution that has now exploded into a multitude of Tesla owners producing video content about the brand. Since Sullins has had plenty of experience with Tesla vehicles, it has been interesting to get his take on the Model Y.

Like many Tesla owners, he has had positives and negatives to share, which is exactly what we expect. No car is perfect, though Sullins does go so far as to say that the all-new Tesla Model Y is the “Perfect Family Crossover.”

Would the Model Y be perfect for you? It’s not fair for us to answer that question or for Sullins to suggest that with absolute certainty. What’s perfect for him and his family may not work for you. However, he sits down with his wife Jennie to go over the Model Y’s family-friendly details.

What makes a car good for a family? Well, it depends on many details that only you are aware of. Do you have children? Are they still in car seats and strollers or are they adult-sized teens? How big is your family? Do you plan on transporting bikes or towing something?

The Model Y is a special vehicle in that it’s a sporty crossover with plenty of all-electric range, as well as lots of practicality. There really isn’t another vehicle on the market today that checks all these boxes, aside from the much more expensive Tesla Model X. If the Model Y is out of your price range ($53,000-$61,000), check out the Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia Niro EV, and Tesla Model 3. In addition, if you wait it out, the Model Y should come to market in cheaper versions in the future.

In the meantime, watch Sullins’ video and then leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Packing Up A Tesla Model Y And Model X For Vacation: What Fits?

How much cargo space does the Tesla Model Y have compared to the Model X?

Brian Jenkins of i1Tesla is always keeping us posted with solid videos that help Tesla shoppers and owners better understand Tesla vehicles. He just recently took delivery of a Tesla Model Y and has been putting it through the paces for a few months. Now, it’s time to pack it with luggage for a trip.

Jenkins also owns a Tesla Model X, so he has options when it comes to vacations. Both vehicles offer him plenty of range and impressive cargo space. However, clearly the Model X is going to fit more luggage. The question here is, how much more?

The Tesla Model Y is much like the Model 3, though the Y has more passenger and cargo space. Eventually, you’ll be able to get the electric crossover with a small third row. However, when you look at the Model Y, it doesn’t have the tall, boxy shape of many traditional SUVs. Will it still suffice for a typical family’s vacation luggage?

The Model X is similar in that it’s not shaped like a “normal” SUV. However, its minivan-like design makes it a class leader in terms of cargo volume. Jenkins puts the Model Y and Model X side by side. He packs the same assortment of luggage into both electric crossovers to help us see the difference.

Check out the video for the results. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment below.

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This Tesla Model Y Has Already Paid For Itself In Just Three Months

Tesla doesn’t directly offer any cash on the hood, but you can certainly work to put some cash in the frunk.

Ryan Shaw has owned his Tesla Model Y for about three months or so. His crossover is the least expensive Model Y currently available – the $52,900 Long Range. Still, that’s a whole lot of money for a new car. Thankfully, Tesla will bring a cheaper Standard Range version to market at a later date.

As soon as we tell you that Shaw’s Model Y really did pay for itself, you’re probably skeptical. There’s no longer a $7,500 federal EV tax credit for Tesla vehicles, and he hasn’t had the car long enough to rent it out enough times to add up. However, Shaw can still stand behind the claim that the electric crossover is paying for itself.

Shaw explains five ways his Model Y has paid for itself. First of all, he took advantage of cash incentives. Shaw lives in California, so he got $2,000. In addition, he got $1,000 from his power company, Southern California Edison.

Since Shaw isn’t using the car every day at this point, he decided to rent it out on Turo. So far, he’s made almost $1,000 via Turo in about a month.

The third, and likely most profitable situation for Shaw related to his Model Y, is his YouTube channel. He has benefited financially from making videos about the car. Sure, it’s one of his jobs, and it’s not something everyone is able to do successfully. But still, without the Model Y, Shaw wouldn’t have that income. So, it’s fair to say the Y is paying for itself here, though it requires some hard work. Shaw actually made videos prior to the Y and saved money for the car’s down payment too.

Also related to his YouTube channel, Shaw has used affiliate links to generate additional income. Again, if he’s promoting products for the Model Y, and he makes money doing so, the car is paying for itself. Shaw explains:

“If you check out the description in my videos, I list off all the equipment I use to make my videos …

This is one of those things where you might say ‘how is this the Model Y paying for itself? It’s a camera lens on amazon,’ but the only reason that link was clicked, is because I made a video about the Model Y, which is a popular subject.”

Finally, the Tesla Referral Program has helped make the Model Y pay for itself. He has enough referrals to pay for his Supercharging for a long time. Moreover, he could end up with more incentives from the program.

Have you used any of the above methods to help pay for your car? If so, share them with us in the comments below.

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