These Are The Worst Selling Cars Through Q3 Of 2023

Jaguar I-Pace

Photo: Jaguar

There comes a time in many a car’s life when it realizes it just isn’t wanted anymore. Frequently, it’s because it’s a decade old and, despite a mid-cycle refresh, just isn’t in demand enough to warrant a redesign. Sometimes, though, it happens right out of the gate because the car simply misses the mark. Yes, we’re looking at you, Alfa Romeo Tonale.

With third-quarter sales results in, we decided to look at which cars have sold the worst so far this year. Using data from our friends at GoodCarBadCar, we sorted through the cars that are already out of production — we’re proud of you, buyer of the single Toyota Avalon sold last month — to give you the worst-selling cars so far this year.

Spoiler alert: Things are not looking great for Jaguar.

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