Whats The Worst Car Buying Advice You’ve Received?

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Along with my colleague Tom McParland, I’m a big proponent of helping people navigate the sewers that is the car buying world. While some older buyers who have been in the game many times can have good insights, there are a lot of people out there who say things that just show they have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to buying a car.

Some people aren’t built for buying a car; those people are usually the ones to get screwed over. Others can play too tough and shoot themselves in the foot by not negotiating. But no matter who you are, having the right tools or playbook before you go in can do wonders. That is unless you’re filthy rich and you’re just walking in paying cash for a car.

The worst advice that I’ve constantly heard over the years from a number of different people is to just get in and get out. Sure the whole process can be a pain, especially with the back and forth that happens between the salesperson and them running between a customer and their sales manager. In reality people should take their time when buying a car. Many people don’t realize that aside from a home, a car is the second biggest purchase most people make in their lives. All the details should be right to ensure you get the best price on the car you want.

Taking your time also allows you do take time to look over your contract terms before you sing on the dotted line. My own mother taught me this and dealers hated her for it. She read each and every line of the contract and asked questions. What they try to pass off as legal mumbo jumbo you won’t have to worry about is really things that they don’t want you to be aware of because you might back out of the deal. If the contract is 20 pages, read all 20 of those pages. It’ll save you a headache or financial ruin in the long run.

Now we ask you dear Jalopnik reader, what’s the worst car buying advice you’ve received? If you can let us know what kind of car you were buying when you received the advice in the comments. This’ll be an interesting read for sure.

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